360 Root : Best One click Android Rooting Method 2022

360 Root : Best One click Android Rooting Method 2022

360 Root App is a small one-click root app that allows you to root the Android Devices in a Single Tap it supports devices running between Android 2.2 to Android 5.0

Advantages of using 360 Root

root 360

One Click Root

Just install this app and click on root. it will automatically root your android phone.

Flash Custom ROM & Kernel

Custom ROMs completely change your Android skin. You can even install the latest version of Android before everyone else.

Uninstall Preinstalled Apps

Uninstall some useless apps that the manufacturers want to stay anytime. Make your Android more comfortable.

Remove Ads in Apps

One click to block all of the annoying ads in your downloaded apps. No more disturbing when you play games.

Access Blocked Features

Have an anterior enjoy of new Android operating system, PhotoSphere and other new features before they are released.

Boost Device Performance

Install an app which can automatically hibernate apps you are not using remove the junk files.

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Should you root your smartphone or not ?

If you would’ve asked me this question 7-8 years before then I would’ve told yes If you are adventurous

But in 2021 the answer is not that simple because nowadays all of the smartphones have modern UI & OS and for 99% of people rooting your phone isn’t needed

But why do people root their smartphones ? What do you get by rooting your smartphones ?

Before that what is the meaning of root ? It’s basically like having an administrator. It has full authority over your smartphone

When you root your phone, do get many privileges but if you’re not an root user then you wont have those privileges so root is like an administrator that has full control

I rooted multiple devices back in 2013 & at that time features like customizations, themes, and changing fonts were possible only if you were a root user.

At those early years of android our smartphones didn’t have enough features & it had a lot of bloatware apps as well

And if you wanted to remove the bloatware you couldn’t do it.

Even the hardware was not that strong & now smartphones under 15k Rs are getting modern features in their UI compared to stock Android

Smartphone hardware is becoming very strong these days as we’re getting a SD 7 series under 15K

One of the reasons people used to root their smartphone was to theme their smartphones.

For eg : Lineage OS, Cyanogen OS used to have the theming engine whereas normal non rooted phones didn’t have this feature.

Now these themes have been available on almost all the UIs. The upcoming Android 12 also have customised theme feature

Many a times your phones used to get bricked while rooting your phone, I’ve lost a new Samsung phone while rooting & it was bricked and I couldn’t do anything

So there are also a lot of risks involved when you’re rooting your phone.

Many times we get bored after using our smartphones for some months. For eg if you’re Oxygen OS & you want MIUI, realme UI or ColorOS then for a change people used to root their phones

Now all the modern UI have become very similar & also because of customizations you can tweak your phone’s look & feel. So rooting isn’t necessary

Many times rooting is done to look cool & many people people root their phones to look cool
But this rooting business comes at a cost. Your phone’s warranty is voided. Only 1-2 smartphones allow rooting so its better you don’t go that route

And many times backdoors are opened after rooting your phones. Also root user doesn’t get updates
So lots & lots of risk associated with root so in 2021 I’ll recommend not rooting your phone.

If you have a secondary phone along with a primary phone then in that case I’ll say you can root your secondary device

As you’ll get to know everything about Android & how much fun it is to use it and you’ll get a knowledge of software as well

But remember your phone can get bricked thats why rooting on secondary device is preferred instead of rooting your primary phone

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